Catching up on the past six months


Finally the fall!

Cool weather, apple picking, sweaters, and never-ending runny noses....
...ah such a great time of year.

Our trip to Seattle

Classic cousin photo in the tub!

King of the mountain...I'm mean stool!

No trip to Seattle is complete w/o a stop at Pike Place Market

Hiking at Mt. Rainer

Auntie Karrie and her favorite niece!

Playing at the beach


Our trip to Utah

Paije and I flew to Utah last week so that I could do some training at my job. The best part about this trip was the fact that Ben's mom was in town. Paije has gotten to spend the entire time playing with grandma Polly.

Playing at the beach

A few weeks ago we drove 3 hrs (crazy huh) to this lovely beach on Lake Anna. We had a great time. Paije still hasn't figured out that sand doesn't taste good. What a funny girl.

My dancing Queen

Happy 4th of July

This year we biked to downtown D.C. to watch the fireworks over the Lincoln Memorial. It was tons of fun. I think it should be our annual tradition.